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I'm going to let ye old LJ paid account go belly up and fly with the Dreamwidth account.

I'll loose the photo albums that link to old posts, but as they say, worse things happen at sea.
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This is super fucking awesome. Tactical rabbits, killer tactical rabbits.

Forward to 1:15 to skip the ad.

Forward to 3:40 to skip the Cat Shit One trailer and go straight to the show.

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Ya gotta love Super Hans.

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heh... That's gay.

Your so gay, your city was named the gayest city in America. Way more gay than having a tree on your garage.


Gayest city? Magazine says it's Minneapolis

The none-too-scientific ranking is based on both serious and slightly silly criteria.

By KIM PALMER, Star Tribune

Last update: January 14, 2011 - 2:36 PM

Minneapolis may have dropped a notch on the "Most Literate City" list this week, but the metropolis picked up a new title: Gayest City in America. That's according to the Advocate, the national gay news magazine based in Los Angeles.
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would not be upset if a live grenade landed in the middle of the celebrities.....


Dec. 23rd, 2010 12:23 am
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Chuck has always had my ear.

"What they don't like is a brother like me on the mic".

Honestly I don't think "they" care. Because most are not hearing the message in the lyrics, so it poses little threat. But I'm listening, and PE has a point to convey, and it's not a bad one.

Chuck asks everyone to stop and use critical thinking. A prince among rappers.

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Office Festivus Pole. Office Festivus Pole.

Ah yes, another Festivus Eve is upon us and my office Festivus pole is up. It really adds cheer to the place. Also very useful, as one can run wires through it if needed.
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Santa will bring toys to all the good little girls and boys. Santa will bring toys to all the good little girls and boys.
The bad ones get locked in this room with this guy.

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Captain Jean-Luc Picard is an asshole.


That is clearly a red uniform, yet not only does he live through the entire first episode, he lives through the entire fucking series. It takes a real asshole to wear the red and not be consumed by the giant starship eating ice cream cone rather than those wearing blue or gold. You are supposed to lie down and die at the first life threatening encounter, that's how it works for the red shirts, that's how it always works.

But what about Scotty? Scotty wore the red. But Scotty was probably drunk, and stumbled his way out of the claws of death, but it still it makes Chief Engineer Scott an asshole too.

But not as much of an asshole as Captain Picard. Why? Because Picard drinks too much fucking tea. Scotty drank gallons of Green Scotch daily, and kept the warp drive cooking, and probally sodomized tribbles all at the same time. You have to give points for that.

Also need to give points for knowing how to sodomize a tribble....anyways.

Why does too much tea make you an asshole?

Because I say it does. Close subject.

He even refused to get knocked off by the Borg. They installed a digital alarm clock / laser cat toy into his temple, and presumably some sort of anal probe that made more tea out thin air.
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Star Trek The Motion Picture popped up in the Netflix for the Wii this week. I've not seen it since 1985 or something like that. I remembered it sucked compared to the Wrath of Khan.

But you know, it's been a long time and maybe my opinion will change.

My opinion did change; it has been upgraded from 'sucks' to 'awful but tolerable'.

It's quite obvious they put eye candy above story.

V'ger was first detected in Klingon space, heading for Federation space, looking to arrive at Earth in less than a week. At this point the newly refit and bug filled Enterprise is the only starship capable of intercepting V'ger.

The story clearly indicates Federation is staffed by fucking morons. A direct path from Klingon space to Earth and only one ship is available to intercept? The most blood thirsty war like people at that time and not one ship to intercept? Not a very likely story. But it lets them skip over any pesky script writing and get right to the action.

The external camera views were good for a laugh as well. The first such case was when three Klingon D-7 battle cruisers attack V'ger in klingon space. A federation listening post intercepts the Klingon communications and external video of the attack on V'ger. All three Klingon battle cruisers are wiped out by the counter attack by V'ger, totally vaporized, yet there is still an external view. Later the Federation listening post is attacked by V'ger and vaporized into nothing. Again the crew of the Enterprise enjoys the external view. External view from where? The transmitting vessels had been completely vaporized. I'm I expected to believe V'ger can vaporize everything in the universe except video cameras? Video cameras that can transmit a real time signal over thousands of light years all by themselves?

There was an almost complete lack of humor, everyone was dead serious. Star Trek needs humor; to overlook the humor between the characters is a major error for a Star Trek experience.

Shatner was very Shatner even for Shatner. But I don't think you can get enough Shatner. Good God the man can't act his way out of a wet paper bag. This possibly makes up for the lack of humor in the script.

The Starfleet uniforms are awful, the uniforms they used from Wrath of Khan forward are much better. I found the bald chick to be much more attractive than I remember. But I still like to refer to her only as 'the bald chick'.

The overall story idea is good, yet the idea of us knowing about a Voyager probe being sucked into a black hole is ridiculous. How would we know that? Also, the black hole is question would need to be dangerously close to our solar system....

The heroes of our story are real assholes to Captain Decker. Of course the new characters Captain Decker and Bald Chick get traumatized, ass raped, made into robots and eventfully vaporized. I don't understand why they had baby blue uniforms, I think red was the proper color for these new characters.

Although in Wrath of Khan forward everyone wore red, and only handful die. Go figure. I need to expand on this in a second post.

But overall if you just view it as an extension of the television series, it's enjoyable.
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Sure is cute. Sure is cute.
Who's got a smile for you? Who got the cute kitty smile? Imma afraid if if I encountered a cat with this expression on it face, I'd be duty bound to kick it square in the nutsack.

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11:30: Going to bed a little earlier than normal

11:31: Set alarm system.

11:32: Security check, notice front porch door is unlatched. Disarm alarm, unlock door, go out on porch, smell faint scent of gas. Hmmmm.

11:33: Consider calling 911, but figure I should check the property first.

11:36: Parka, furry hat, boots and gloves. Go out on back porch, no scent of gas. Go in backyard, no scent of gas. Go over to gas meter, yup, a faint leak, somewhere near.., near the shut off valve.

11:40: On phone to gas company. Gas company sends emergency tech.

12:15: No tech yet. Plow comes down street, pushes whole fucking street on my sidewalk, one foot thick, giant snow boulders, one boulder the size of a freezer.

12:30: Shoveling. Might as well shovel while waiting for gas tech. Below zero now, frosty beard.

1:45: Gas tech arrives. Locates faint leak at the shut off valve, calls in repair crew for tomorrow. No problems since the leak is outside and small.

2:10: Finish shoveling, get inside, open beer, consider just staying up and going to work.

3:00: Scratching my ass, typing into LJ, wondering if it will eat the post. Hit Ctrl + a, hit Ctrl + c.


Dec. 13th, 2010 05:22 pm
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I thought that term was reserved for Il Duce of the Mentors?

A case of moonicide?
The rings that surround Saturn may actually be the icy remnants of an ancient moon done in by a disk of hydrogen gas 4.5 billion years ago.

By SETH BORENSTEIN, Associated Press

Last update: December 12, 2010 - 7:29 PM
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I just burped so hard the text on the screen vibrated.
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Recycling Bin Recycling Bin
I knew it was in there somewhere.
Sidewalk Sidewalk
Looking towards downtown Camden.
Front Yard Front Yard
The Minnesotan The Minnesotan
Armed only with a snow shovel, a case of beer, a pot of chili, a snowblower, one pound of shreaded cheese, a parka, pac boots, ice armor gloves, six ninja hamsters, a cell phone, all wheel drive, a gallon of gas, a scoop shovel, kitty litter, Netflix, a Wii, a cat gripped firmly by the tail and weilded with mighty force, the remote control, a plugged toilet, a bag of cement, Doublewood Whiskey, a furry hat, a electric starter, a clothes dryer, two cans of beans, 1/2 gallon of coffee, our brave Minnesotan faces the blizzard.

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