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That over 1/3 of Americans still have a favorable opinion of dubya is completely mind boggling. Exactly how stupid are we?

The saying goes that a sucker is born every minute. Obviously the time span of one minute is too short, we must have been cranking em' out every ten seconds for the past 50 years.

Wake up and smell the shit being shoveled. It is obvious there is a gap somewhere here, and I think it may just be in our K-12 educatshun system. From what I remember the primary focus was math, reading, science and civics. Little in the way of critical thinking is offered, even when the subject is civics. Civics only dealt with how to be a good little worker bee, a good civics class should also deal with the gathering of information, assessing the information, critical thinking, dissenting opinion and how they play a role in a functioning democracy.

The government and some of the media is generating enormous quantities of bovine fecal matter and only a small minority are using critical thinking skills to detect and reject the questionable information.

Folks, it does not get any more obvious.

What is even more painful is that Americans actually do posses critical thinking skills and use them every Sunday and Monday night of the football season. Take for example the recent 38-8 asswhooping the Minnesota Vikings got from the Cincinnati Bengals. My fellow Americans who suck up all of dubya's bullshit like a hoover use critical thinking to see that their football team sucks eggs. Not only do they use critical thinking, they have dissenting opinion, interpret statistics, gather and assess information, offer solutions, suggest improvements and even pay attention.

If the United States Military in Iraq was a football team, Donald Rumsfeld would have been fired last year.

So my fellow co-earthlings, do this for me. Find this 1/3 of Americans, find them and beat them. Find them and beat them with their own six pack of Budweiser. Duct tape their faces directly to the surface of their 450 inch big screen television, shove their Randy Moss autographed pigskin in their ass, play the last 5 years of The Daily Show, drink their Budweiser and point a laugh at their misfortune at your hands. Drain the 200 gallons of gasoline from their H2 SUV and use it to burn the football stadium to the ground, and then point and laugh at the fire, point and laugh, drink heavily and flip the bird without restraint.


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