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WASHINGTON (MJC) - President Bush will use a recess appointment to install John Bolton temporarily as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, White House officials said Monday. Being an asshole to appoint a asshole.

Hello world! Not only are we going to appoint a total asshole to be our representative to you, we are going to be assholes while appointing the asshole! Making us the new level of assholishness for all aspiring assholes to measure themselves against.

Speaking for the United States as a whole (hope ya' all don't mind), we can only hope that we can rise to the level of asshole that you expect. If for any reason we fail to be total assholes, please call our new U.N. Bolton hotline at 1-800-eat-shit, operators are standing by to ignore you 24 hours a day.

Oh, and everyone take notice. The War Against Terror (TWAT) has been won! We now move into the Global Struggle Against Extremism. Once we finish those bastards off we will set our sights on The Global Terror Against War Extremist Struggle Opposing The Proletariat Um... Bomb People Running With Backpacks While Appearing Arab WMD Right Over There....

...Oh the hell with it, we'll just call it The Final Solution Against Terror...Opps, Did we just say that? We mean the Last Solution Against The Proletariat. What? Opps?

I've got this great story about ropin' cattle?

I'm gonna get into Ann Coulter's panties.


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