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Well.... The Vikings did express interest in an open air stadium....

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Really only for fans of Father Ted...And the disciples of Father Jack Hackett....

The rhythm track is brilliant.

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I know many gloss right over YouTube links, but play this one.


I was right up front, so consider it the same as seeing it as I did, and thus a valid journal experience.

Arcwelder at the 7th Street Enrty last Saturday night. They were awesome. In twenty years of seeing them, it's still feels like 1990. I guess thats what happens when the main goal is to play music and have fun.

No bullshit. Only music and fun.

Better than any happy pill could ever hope to do.

Turn it up, loud as you can go,it's worth it.

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Has no idea what you are currently doing, but is fairly sure it's totally gay.
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You are 100% correct Mr. Phillips, you are not in any way intolerant.

Well, except for that 1,000 word intolerant rant that fingers each and every Muslim as a terrorist, where you claim not to be intolerant. I mean there is that little thingy.
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Apparently a article in a Minneapolis newspaper about Senator Wellstone on October 25th is a liberal conspiracy to throw the upcoming election in Minnesota.

Even though there is no senate contest for the cycle.

The election ninjas that Minnesota Public Radio keeps in the basement will soon be set loose to do their dirty liberal evil upon Minnesota.

Then, there are the lizard people. Beware!
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You know I've always said it. Fucking Austria, acting like a bunch of, er, Austrians?,_Austria
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It's an outrage.
It's an outrage.

Over on the Mythbusters FB page, they posted a photo of Jamie and Adam with President Obama. They are there as part of a wider effort to promote science education of the kiddos.

It had a fairly violent reaction with some. 85% of the comments were negative on the subject of the two being photographed with the President. Many vowing to skip that episode, some to never watch Mythbusters ever again, a simple *DISLIKE*, or that the Mythbusters will confirm he is a moron. Just because they posed for a photo with the President from what I can gather.

A photo with the President is apparently a good reason to become extremely upset.

Where were these angry people when the previous President thought using nuclear weapons was perfectly acceptable as long as they were small (tactical, 1k or less) nuclear weapons.

I mean you gotta give it dubs, using nuclear weapons is way more productive than promoting science.

Of course, then I'm blaming it all on Bush.
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FUCK YEAH! Kill it again! Burn it! Run it over!

Keanu's Cowboy Bebop Movie Is Dead
Collider talked to the One (Keanu Reeves) this week and he told them that the Cowboy Bebop movie is dead. Bottom line, the movie was just to expensive to make.
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Someone save Notbatman from the rape tomatoes and the little homo viking guy!

Or don't, it would be much more entertaining.

I mean, now that I think of it, he really deserves it.


Sep. 21st, 2010 02:17 pm
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I thought it would be fun to post all my icons on one post.

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Jimmy Carter made a mastrubation crack last night on the Daily Show.

Damn near dropped my pint.
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You know, Jesus would have totally had a DVD mailing campaign promoting amending Minnesota's constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Just like the Minnesota's Catholic bishops.
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The Tea Party upset the GOP....with this woman...

They are — they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they're already into this experiment. ~ Christine O'Donnell, Republican Strategist, on The O'Reilly Factor November 15, 2007,2933,311946,00.html

It seems the wackos are attempting to out wacko the wackos. It does not matter if the statement is true or not, the only concern is if it makes people scared and angry. Because these people are not going to apply any logic to the possibility of mice with fully functioning human brains.

But this kind of thinking is so wide spread now. This last weekend I was with my mothers side of the family up in Isanti. During some beer drinking in the evening the subject turned to Koran burning. The subject had very loud and favorable reviews by my cousins, that we should be burning Korans in public to protest Islam. After listening for a minute or two I chimed in, 'to achieve what goal?'.

Complete silence.

Because they burn our flag was one response after the silence. I asked how that personally affected their day to day lives, and who "they" was? The response was that it was a slap in the face, an insult, and they were "them".

Past here is not what I said, more of what I was feeling on the subject. I don't remember exactly what I said.

Them....Or as George Bush II put it 'Those Al-Qaeda types, heh-heh'.

Okay, but that does not change the way you personally feel about the flag. That does not affect your patriotism, it's just a length of fabric. Let them burn away, it's their retarded choice to buy something and then burn it. They are not burning my own sense of patriotism, they can't touch that, they are burning a mere symbol of said patriotism. In fact if there is anything that would rob me of my own patriotism would be the behavior of a minority of my fellow Americans, not some guy in ski mask on the other side of the planet.

Besides by having a negative reaction, you're giving them exactly what they want. They're not burning the flag in the hopes that you're going to send them a box of kittens, they want to piss you off.

More silence.

So if you burn a Koran, who gives a fuck? It's not the phyisical form of the book itself, it's what you personally took from it and keep with you. You can always get another one and no one can take what you hold to be true in your heart.

It's something like when France pissed off the neo-cons by opposing the war in Iraq. The neo-cons proceeded to dump full bottles of french wine, toss french cheese, and french films to the tune of thousands of dollars of their own money. Then they boycotted deep fried potatos called french fries in favor of deep fried potatos called freedom fries.

I'm sure the French are to this day quite upset about the entire thing and regret opposing the war in Iraq. I mean, we sure showed them. We delt a critical blow to France that month.
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Right wing rips Obama, GOP establishment


Oh, hi there.

Yeah yeah, it's a moral outrage. I'll get out of my chair here in a minute.

You konw, if ya'all don't like the GOP, you could join any number of other parties. There is this party, the Constitution Party, that is pro far right wing, come pre-assembled and they all think just like you do. But I suspect all ya'all just like to bitch for the sake of bitching.
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Sitting in on a static, feedback and noise filled conference call. Wonderful. Find your mute buttons you assholes, I can hear your keyboards.

Now, gotta finish up this day at work, but having a motivational crisis.


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