Sep. 8th, 2010

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That was a close shave. I almost posted that Jesus had returned!

Because you know Rev. Terry Jones is so much like Jesus, it's hard to tell the difference. He lives his life just like him.

He is intolerant of others, just like Jesus. You know how Jesus would destroy and burn things others held dear? Oh the laughs the laughs, as he punched the children of sinners!

He is a attention whore just like Jesus. You know how Jesus was all about doing ignorant short sighted bullshit just to get attention? They made a big deal about the crucifixion, that was only the last and most successful stunt. Most people don't know he was always nailing himself to shit. He nailed himself to a live goat, and folks just thought he was mental. Nailed himself to buildings, boats, Jews, passing carts, and there was the time he nailed himself to Pontius Pilate, boy was Pontius pissed! At a party at the Playboy mansion he nailed himself to Jenny McCarthy's right tit. He attempted to nail himself to water, but that never worked so well.

There is the tale of Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey. The truth of the matter is he was stapled to it and could not get off. Earlier in the day Jesus had the apostless attach him to the donkey using several normal everyday swingline staplers.


Sep. 8th, 2010 05:33 pm
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'I never said your favorite radio station was gay.

I said it was completely homosexual.'

~Mojocatt September 08, 2010


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