Aug. 31st, 2010

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I tend to get it from both sides.

I have no trust in organized religion due to early exposure to zealous Christians not acting in a very Jesus like fashion.

But I also feel a person needs to understand the tales of the Old Testament just to get by in Western society. It is the Mythology of our time, and yes Bill Moyers did get in my ear on that one.

Thus I support my daughter reading the bible and being literate in it. Yet have no interest in joining a church. This tends to drive the this way or the highway types on either side nutty. Both will accuse me of cafeteria style religion.

Although I have recently learned there is some humor to the above situation. I've always assumed that I have never been baptized, due to the insistence of my late atheist father. I've found recently there is evidence my grandmother zipped me off to the local Polish church when my father was not around and had me baptized.

A emergency Polish Baptism.....

It might be possible that it is my devine destiny to be a apathecic agnostic....with a taste for Polish food.
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e-mail from Notbatman

[snip]but now I can't find the original magwell.[snip]

[snip]So I was wondering if there was ANY reason I may have said anything to you guys about, I don't know, getting drunk and chucking it at the homeless or something[snip]

The response I wrote, but did not send.

'Close with the homeless thing, SpaceWino X5 has it.'

Sucka eard cracka dun chucked a magwill at muh ass!

I was crusin for da romuluns withd the bird. Tha romuluns they dun love tha bird! Sees I put out the empty bottle in tha park an sooner or later ones of those romuluns come out of the romulun building with a pointy stick and a bag un try in sneek up a gets the bird! That’s whun I knows I gots him. Full impuse power, loadin the topedas. Un I wuz dun snuck up on! Muh cart was hit! Spacewino X5 wuz down! Deeurgized my sack of um white castles! Der he wuz, a cracka frum da eard!. Dun flung at meh a magwill, red alerts! I was un the ground and scotty ain’t got more bird, I has to relies on alturnitrve power, and I says ‘Sucka eard cracka, you now’d be my bitch!’ auw glab foo nab! Dun righted my cart and I’s bring her to port to gets a clean shot. Buts I seen him dun clea an I was un a sobritity malfuctiuon! SPOCK! Yous vulcun space ass! SPOCK! But Spock dun left me all bys my self! Pointy eared space cracka dun had poon-far! Whure I’m been told he needs to go real far for sum pun-tang. I’s already told hum I’d be his pun-tang fors a big mac and a bottule of pine-sol.

I was dun left no choice I’s hads to retreat. Buts I’m keepin’ sucker eard crackas magwill!
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Airsoft story time.

So we were playing the airsoft last weekend. Near the end of the second one hour game I decided to go to the far left flank by myself and see what was up. The far left flank consisted of an open meadow that dropped to a long wooded slope with a trail at the bottom running parallel to the slope. On the far side of the trail a swamp with dense brush.

I entered far left flank some distance from where the action should be descended the slope and walked along the path. I got about half way down the path to where the action should have been, but there was none to be seen or heard.

Bored, I wandered up the wooded slope and had a commanding view of the trail and swamp from behind a large elm tree. I had view of swamp locations where I had antagonized the opposing force from last year, keeping three guys busy by popping out of the swamp brush, firing poorly aimed long shots, and then ducking back in. Exchanging taunts once I was safely under cover again. Just enough to keep them stirred up. I sat there remembering the hard slog to cut through the swamp, and the wet boots. I was drinking in the opposite view, and wondered if someone would return the favor of my dastardly sneakiness.

I sat there thinking all these things, pausing to look around from time to time, figuring one where I should wipe the next booger. lallalala....

Then a 3" white birch tree some distance in the swamp shook. It was a good shake, but remained still after that and I wondered if I was seeing things. Then a voice, silence, brush breaking, a *splash* 'fuck', brush breaking again, small trees moving. Silence again, then a human form moving out of the swamp to my left, I waited. Then a second form appeared, I shouldered the SR16 and lit up the second, then fired on the first but he was deep under cover by then, but I had him pinned down at least.

I could hear whispers and see brush and grass moving. I put in a radio call 'Mojocatt firing on multiple contacts coming out of swamp on far left flank'. The radio remained silent.

I put fire on the closest movement, and then noticed more movement further behind him in the swamp. Whispers could now be understood 'where is he?', 'i can't see him'. They held tight in cover, I figured I was out numbered at one point 3 to 1, now as best I could tell it was 2 to 1. I never signed up for this, I came over here to pick my nose and watch the flank.

The movement further back in the swamp produced another human form, low crawling out, lit him up. Then I noticed more movement even further back in the swamp, was it 4 to 1, now 2 to 1, 3 to 1, just how many was I up against? I made another radio call, same as the first.

Then we both held tight. I knew about the guy who was still closest to me pinned behind cover, but what about the other movement deeper in the swamp. I'm a bit exposed here, only a tree for cover and no support, if someone flanks either direction 20 feet I'm screwed. I put fire down every once in a while to keep the first guy pinned.

But no one moved and I held tight, waiting for another shot. This went on for a couple of very long minutes and the end game call went out. I stood up and the guy closest to me did the same, and another came out of the swamp. I was walking towards them when a third guy popped out of the swamp and lit me up from the hip through heavy brush. He was not aware of the game end and thought he had me. Although the heavy brush took the brunt of the BB's and they fell like a gentle rain.

The lead fellow came up to me, looking around (the owner of the land we were playing on) and asked me if I was all by myself. I told him yes, and that I thought I was done for.

But still, wow, 5 to 1. Not sure how I got out of that one.


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