Feb. 25th, 2010

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I've completed 1 hour 20 minutes of the six hour (minus lunch break, add break commentary) health care summit meeting.

I've actully enjoyed seeing them all in the same room, offering their positions. I'm enjoying hearing both sides out with no infotainment meth to cloud the issue. The people in this room are actually very intelligent people, who know how to debate. Various levels of corruption, but intelligent.

Until a commerical break at the 1:15 mark. I have now now made up my mind, thanks to a PAC named "The American Future Fund".

Even though I am clearly biased towards a single payer system. Even though the GOP was clearly on the defensive during this rather civilized discussion. I've been willing to hear the dissent out. I made a very special effort to do so.

The main GOP position being to "Start over and get it right", it was the very first thing they said. I disagree, but still, willing to hear both sides out. The GOP spent an hour tossing shit at the wall, seeing what would stick, still I listened.

I continued to listen because the GOP members of congress were partaking in a rather informative discussion. Glen Beck was not there to scream red menace. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was not there to proclaim God's wrath over health care reform. Jon Stuart was not there to call them all idiots. It was only the elected representatives of the GOP, Dems in the congress, and the POTUS. It was nice to hear directly from them for once. As opposed to little sound clips on various programs.

Then came the pig with lipstick ad, and the whole GOP platform went right into the toilet as far as I'm concerned. That these people would slide such a ignorant piece of bullshit in front me during an otherwise thought provoking program was enough to finish the issue for me.

Look these assholes up on Google. Everyone of you can make up your own mind.

Bring on reconciliation. Shove it right up their ass 51 to 49.
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