Feb. 18th, 2010

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Oh last week. Happy birthday Uncle Bill. Tells it like is.

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Being able to "get" more than one genre is something I value more than any other aspect of my brain.

Both have equal intensity to me, just a different color.

The Jesus Lizard - Nub

Son Volt (Jay Farrar solo)- Highways and Cigarettes


Feb. 18th, 2010 05:01 pm
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Speaking of hobbits, The Hobbit movie is underway. Scrips are written and approved, Hobbiton is rebuilt (or close to). Filming is scheduled for summer 2010.

There will be two films, and they will cover areas of the book that are only briefly mentioned as well as the main story concerning Bilbo and the dwarves. That's good news, as these little side stories that are expanded upon in other writing contain material that really shores up the overall plot of all seven books.

In addition to the things include below I hope they cover some other history leading up to Bilbo going off on a mad quest.

The story about how Gandalf talks Thorin into the quest, and how he recommends Bilbo is very good. It would also be nice to see them cover some ground concerning the House of Durin and their relationship to other races and the Valar.

In the part about Sauron's history I hope they bring his boss in exile, Melkor (aka Morgoth) to the story. The story is interesting, but mostly I'm concerned with the capalert report that claims Offense to God - images of supreme evil. Had they bothered to do their homework before passing moral judgement, they would discover Sauron is not the "supreme evil", only an employee. Let us bring forth Melkor, that should tie their undies in a knot and pucker their assholes for weeks.

Gandalf has some neato back story as well. That he, Saruman and Sauron are kin is good to know as well.

Women dwarves, lets see those bearded lassies. Tis the dwarves who go swimming with little hairy women

I'm not sayin' deep long scenes, just drop some of these nuggets along the way.

Well, that and gay hobbit orgies.

1.2. What will be included in the two movies?
According to the Empire Online interview with PJ and GDT (link above), the two movies will include all of the iconic moments in the book, The Hobbit, as well as being expanded to follow other events that occur ‘offstage.’ This includes the White Council and Gandalf’s comings and goings to Dol Guldur. Pj: “We expanded out the universe a lot more so that we weren’t just staying with Bilbo and the Dwarves on their journey, as the book pretty much does. We started to expand some of what’s happening to Gandalf outside of that journey.” Things we know are included so far:

- backstory of Thrain, Thorin’s father

- Beorn

- Spiders

- The White Council

- Gandalf’s journeys to Dol Guldur

- The three trolls (Tom, Bert, William)

- Sauron ( including some of his history)



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