Feb. 2nd, 2010

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We Have No Liftoff: Obama's Plan Grounds NASA

The six-year-old Constellation program, which had been focused on developing new boosters, Apollo-like orbiters and a 21st century lunar lander, all with the goal of making long-term stays on the moon possible, will be scrapped, after $9 billion and a single flight of the Ares 1 booster last October. The longer-term goal of venturing out to Mars is being tabled along with it.



I must admit to being disappointed. Although, it's the right thing to do. We should not be flinging humans at the moon while we can't even figure out how to fix a medical system that bankrupts people.

But it is just another stop on the long trip on the train from suckville 1980 to yawnville 2010 when it comes to space exploration.

Oh yeah, there has been robots, (tiny) space stations, the hubble telescope and long range probes. All have returned a wealth of information. All very interesting, all very fascinating.

But my generation lacks an Apollo program, and will continue to by all indications. No bigger than life, "holy-shit wow" kinda stuff. Generation blank gets the "lets not go anywhere, lets just float around in orbit and scratch our groins".

Are we ever going to get a chance to see something awe inspiring? Something big.

"Can you believe it?!?! There is a moon base with 1,500 living in it.
"Holy fuck, people just landed on Mars"

It's 2010 and there IS NO FUCKING MOONBASE. 2010, no moonbase, what the holy fuck is wrong here? We get stuck with this gaggle of jackasses who want to post the ten commandments in every classroom, that's their big fucking goal. Put Ronald Reagan on mount rushmore, big fucking goal. Going to vote for the people who promise to fuck you over the hardest, that's a big ol' fucking goal.

No fucking moonbase. What a disappointing future. I should have been able to press my bare ass against a porthole in orbit YEARS ago. There should be a moonbase. We should be ready to send the first people to Mars.

But why should all this stuff be? Because it damn well should. We should do it because we damn well can. We should do it just so we can flip the solar system the bird and say "get ready solar system, cause here we come. We're going manifest destiny on your ass and we're gonna toss all our beer cans out the windows on the way out there".

But no, we stay right here looking for new and exiting ways to wipe ourselves out. That and thinking Jay Leno is funny, further evidence the human race is doomed to mediocrity.


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